Friday, September 30, 2011

ive got some news

So, I had to make an emergency trip up to Ithaca, NY to visit my friend at Ithaca College,
which has given me ample traveling time (I took Greyhound).
The good news is that means I've ample time for me to craft.

The bad news to that my SD Card reader and I got into a bit of a spat last night.
So I have two crafts that I have completed,
but you'll have to trust me until I can get the photos up.

I'm gonna go work on that now.
But in the meantime, please enjoy this wonderful craft blog I've been crushing on for the past week.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So, planning time

my plan for this blog is to actually start using it.
and also, to de stash myself.
what is destashing?
well, My name is Lysha, and i am a hoarder.
specifically a craft hoarder.
im pretty sure i have a hardwood floor in my room, but i may never know, because its covered in clothing.
because my drawers and shelves and closet space is filled with craft supplies
i have a particular fetish for origami paper (not an actual fetish)
right now im pretty sure i have pneumonia or legionaries disease or some other cough relate malady.
cuz ive been hacking up my lungs for the past SEVEN DAYS
[pretend not to notice the likeness to that creepy movie about the girl who pops out of the video cassette]
so i have a few things done [and by that i mean theyre in the works]
so i promise ill start making this blog pretty with pictures of crafty/nerdy goodness as soon as i can breathe without a vader esque sound quality
that being said, im not on my way to Health Services. which i would like to point out is the WORST EXCUSE FOR A HEALTH CENTER I HAVE EVER BEEN IN
tuesday, they charged me $20 for some "suck it up and take some cough syrup" advice.
erm, thanks, but
1)im asthmatic. i aint fightin this one off on my own
2)im stubborn. if im here, it means ive FRAKING TRIED THAT YOU IDIOT.
not that i would ever say that to them
what i actually said sounded more like *whimper* *shiver* *coughs uncontrollably* "I think i might throw up" *shivers again* *tries not to look pathetic as the entire waiting room*

EDIT: i realized that i never actually said what "destashing" is. basically, its using up all the stuff i have, cuz i have waaaaaaay too much of it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

oh, wow. never thought id need to use this

so im taking a journalism class for my english major this term
its titled "writing for the media"
im really enjoying it so far.

and one of the long term assignments is to start a blog.
so here goes nothing...